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Japan Christmas Past

November 28th, 2003

Speaking of Christmas in Japan, I recalled this photo taken many years ago–1989, if I am not mistaken–of my workaround for the Christmas Tree problem. Since full-sized trees are so expensive, and I am not too fond of fake ones, I compromised and got a bonsai. It was affordable because it was already on its way out, not having been well-maintained at the garden shop I bought it from. But it made a quite nice tree, matching my apartment at the time in size, no less. I even made a popcorn-and-cranberry wrap for it, though I do not clearly recall what I used for cranberries, as they aren’t sold here in Japan, at least not that I was able to find.

Anyway, I thought this made a very charming compromise between Japan and America during the holidays.

Come to think of it, it was ’89–that’s a trans-bay world series cap I got as a gift, sitting under the tree (next to it, really), and the Loma Prieta of ’89 interrupted the series.

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