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The Liberal Media, Part MCXXVII

May 25th, 2008

I saw this on CNN earlier today:

FOREMAN: John McCain’s having a fundraiser with a big name guest. Who is it?

SCHNEIDER: It’s a man who can raise a lot of money from Republicans. His name is President George W. Bush. Remember him? McCain hopes nobody notices. He doesn’t want a lot of publicity that he’s allied with President Bush, but he really needs the money.

FOREMAN: OK, shhh, everyone on that one. And General David Petraeus is mulling over a very big decision. Is he also possibly getting into hot water?

SCHNEIDER: Well, he can throw a monkey wrench into the fall campaign if he announces further troop withdrawals beyond those troops that were added by President Bush. That could undercut the Democrats’ argument that you’ve got to elect a Democrat to start withdrawing the troops. And the fall campaign would be very different.

Read that and tell me there’s not a definite right-wing slant on a supposedly non-partisan program. “McCain hopes that nobody notices”? He’s holding fundraisers with Bush in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Utah, and he hopes nobody notices. Yeah, right.

The big story with the fundraiser is that even though it’s in McCain’s home state, on his home turf, even though he’s got the President of the United States showing up with him, he can’t sell any tickets to it. In his home state. They’re afraid there will be more protesters than supporters.

And the big story is that McCain is hoping nobody will notice that Bush is there? Please. These clowns didn’t even report on the fact that the fundraiser was canceled, and that a far smaller even has been moved to a “private home.”

Then they segue into a story on how troops might start coming home and that will hurt the Democrats. As if a substantial-enough number of troops could be recalled in such a way as to remove Iraq as an issue before November. Right.

Lovely to see the Liberal Media™ is still out in full force.

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