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Trying to Have It Both Ways

September 19th, 2008

Here’s McCain despairing at his negativity:

So, McCain lies about why Obama didn’t visit some troops, he lies about Obama wanting to tax the middle class, lied about Obama being the second term of Jimmy Carter and the third term of Dubya Bush, and blamed Obama for everything from high gas prices to the current economic downturn. McCain, immersed in a sea of lobbyists, accused Obama of being in the pockets of lobbyists. McCain claims that Obama’s a virtual traitor to his country, that he’s a snotty, elitist celebrity who’d probably like to get at white girls like Britney and Paris, and runs an ad that makes Obama look like a pedophile. He accused Obama of playing the race card, of insulting McCain’s age and of being sexist in regards to Sarah Palin.

And now, like before, he claims that he “regrets” the negativity of the campaign, that he really hates it, truly–as if he has nothing to do with it. Just another way to blame everything on Obama–in this case, the claim being that the negativity is Obama’s fault for not agreeing to structuring the debates around McCain’s home territory, accepting McCain’s offer to let Obama tag along on McCain’s town hall meetings.

McCain is trying to have it all ways, in fact–run so negative that it is jarring many of his former supporters into disowning him, and yet claiming that it’s Obama who is negative and/or responsible, while McCain stands by helplessly, regretting and tsk-tsking about how negative it’s all become.

Yawn… just more stunningly blatant hypocrisy from McCain. Nothing we haven’t seen time and time and time again from the hollow shell of the hollow shell he’d made everyone think was a maverick.

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