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Imagine a World That Likes Us (It’s Easy If You Try)

September 21st, 2008

Actually, it might be hard to imagine right now. Though it wasn’t right after 9/11–we had the world standing beside us after that day. Of course, it didn’t take us long to kill that dead. All it took was the Iraq War and the inconceivably idiotic manner of taking anyone who didn’t agree with us and mocking them or calling them cowards, enemies, or worse. Those were the days of freedom fries, and Americans traveling overseas had to start pretending to be Canadians. And McCain is just more of the same; it is doubtful that he’ll instill worldwide confidence in our country again.

Obama, he’s a different story. Look at his reception in Germany. You think McCain could have pulled in that crowd there? Hell, no. That’s why McCain complained; he said the media was giving unfair coverage to Obama because when he had done the same kind of thing, it wasn’t covered so much–except McCain hadn’t done the same kind of thing as Obama–despite all his “experience,” he just doesn’t inspire admiration or confidence in people around the world. McCain couldn’t get those crowds, McCain couldn’t have gotten the Iraqi leader to go along with his hundred-year strategy… but Obama is more in tune with the rest of the world. And the rest of the world loves him. Even here in Japan, it’s “Yes, I love Obama!” and “McCain who? Oh yeah, the other guy.”

Granted, it’s not through understanding of his exact platform; granted, a lot has to do with his race. But that’s more relevant in the rest of the world; one of America’s long-standing icons of arrogant dismissal of the rest of the world has to do with race, with color. That America would vote for a man of color as our leader is far more significant than most Americans understand. It’s a signal to the world that we are truly ready for change. And that idea has excited the world.

Brazil is just one example. Under that country’s election laws, politicians can register under any name they wish. As a result, there are now six Barack Obamas running for various levels of office around the country.

The article didn’t say how many John McCains there are, but it’s a safe bet that there are fewer than six. Maybe five or more fewer.

Call it a matter of race, call it a popularity contest, call it a negative backlash against Bush. But after this administration pissed away the whole world’s good will and trashed it so thoroughly as to be virtually unrecoverable, the ability to recover that good will and once again be respected by the world is no small gain.

Many conservatives, being isolationist and/or nationalistic, might snort and dismiss such an idea. But it is worth an incredible amount to us, and anyone who dismisses it is, shall we simply say, unwise.

  1. mf23
    September 23rd, 2008 at 06:27 | #1

    I like reading your blog although I don’t read the political entries most of the time. I mainly stick to the Apple and Japan blog entries, since I understand you are kind of a political ‘activist’ or something and it is clearly your objective is to write about any favor of the Obama thing.

    However, this time already the headline drew my attention so that I feel confident to reply :-)

    I’m German and I really disagree with two main things here:
    1) The headline “That likes Us” as for me reads “That likes us USA ppl” has not so much to do with the politcal arrangement as you might assume. Most people can clearly differentiate between the people of a nation (most Americans I know are really nice!) and the political establishment (Bush sucks, nothing to disagree with your opinion!). Therefore I think many nations do like american people in general without having to agree to weapons/Bush/republicans/supersize-me.

    2) Obama pulled great attention in Berlin/Germany, yes. He is a great speaker.
    But again, talking about things and seeing the action coming from a person is a different thing. Almost noone here finds McCain a valuable alternative to Bush, but only the real action in government will proof anything at all. Speech&Charisma has to proof true, otherwise people will _very_ soon turn away from their once so trusted hero. Don’t you agree? Why the big lobbying then?

  2. October 3rd, 2008 at 12:44 | #2

    Lol, its easy if you try??? I don’t know, we kind of dug ourselves too deep by now.

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