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Update: Looking Good

November 5th, 2008

From Key States, latest numbers:

Everyone agrees on Ohio now. Like Pennsylvania, it’s not yet official; they could be wrong. But it doesn’t look like it. Other states:

Colorado: Obama 56%, McCain 43%, 9% of precincts reporting. Going for Obama; local news sources calling the state for him already.

Florida: Obama 51%, McCain 48%, 67% of precincts reporting. Obama holding.

Virginia: Obama 50%, McCain 49%, 85% of precincts reporting. Obama takes the lead.

North Carolina: Obama 50%, McCain 49%, 74% of precincts reporting. Tightening in favor of McCain.

Indiana: McCain 50%, Obama 49%, 85% of precincts reporting.Tightening in favor of Obama.

Missouri: McCain 52%, Obama 48%, 20% of precincts reporting. Tightening in favor of Obama.

…Wait for iiitt…

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