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Midterms and the Printer

February 27th, 2004

Sorry, no full-blown blog today. I will be back in full bloom tomorrow, with luck. I have been spending all night figuring midterm grades; I just got through the last of them, and now I have to create about 50 emails and send them off to each student–each email with an itemized list of grades, including the midterm class grade. So I’ll be up a few hours still.

But one thing of personal note today–I finished my evaluation period and bought the HP all-in-one printer, the one I mentioned before. Had them do a little presentation for me, printing some photos, going through the functions, et cetera. I decided it was pretty easy to use, made nice photos, and for about $300, was a fairly good deal (as you can get in Japan). Figured that it wasn’t going to change between now and next week, and I knew about as much about it as I would without having it.

So I took my old, noisy, troublesome Epson printer (only good for use on my 6-year-old 500 MHz PowerMac MiniTower G3 anyway, as it was an old-style serial-cable printer, not USB), and, not knowing if it even worked anymore, tossed it into my closet. The new printer/fax/scanner/copier/yaddayaddayadda is due to arrive by express delivery Sunday morning. I will talk more about it then, I am sure.

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