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They Do Understand What “Opposition” Means, Right?

January 11th, 2009

Great. After eight years of caving in to almost everything Bush and the Republicans wanted, now the Democrats in Congress start developing an opposition mentality. To their own party’s president. And, it seems, they are doing it as much to show their own dominance than for any other reason; if it were a principled stand against something important, that’s great, but it almost seems as if they now feel it is safer to be uncooperative and so are doing it just so they can get some political leverage.

There are a few hopeful points: first, they postured with Bush a lot before caving in to him, so maybe they’ll do that with Obama. And second, we don’t want a rubber-stamp, runaway government like the Republicans presided over. The problem is, Democrats in Congress should provide a check against their own party’s president where it is important to do so, not for the purpose of playing politics to the detriment of party unity.

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