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Cycling in Shanghai

March 20th, 2009

Although there are still a lot of bicycles, there are a lot more scooters and motorcycles than I remember before. Or scooters made up to look like motorcycles.




As you can see in the image just above, many of the big streets in Shanghai have partitioned-off side paths that are reserved for bicycles, carts, and scooters. Not that they are restrained to these areas–everyone, including pedestrians, run rampant everywhere on the streets, including those bicycle-driven carts which seem to be required by law to load 20 times more stuff on them than was ever intended.

But the trespassing does not end with the street; scooters often ride right through crowds on sidewalks, as if that were as legitimate a path as a street.


As with all traffic in Shanghai, the general rule seems to be anything goes, and watch out for life and limb–but primarily your own.

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