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GOP Abandons Democracy, Principles. What Else Is New?

March 31st, 2009

Republicans in Congress have gone so far beyond the bend that it defies comprehension. Not that I ever doubted that Republicans would stoop to anything to win an election–but this goes way further than I thought they were capably of doing publicly:

In his latest comment, Texas Sen. John Cornyn said the trial and appeals could take years to complete and Republicans might wage a WWIII if the Senate Democrats attempt to seat Franken before the appeals are complete.

Think for a second about how the Republicans would react if the Democrats tried this. They would go insane with rage, no question.

And now they are set to drag this out for years and threaten all-out war if the Democrats dare to try to seat Franken, even after he won the official election and even if the Minnesota State Supreme Court backs him up on it.

The “WWIII” aspect harkens back to the GOP’s “nuclear option” when Democrats dared to use the filibuster far less often than Republicans now do–the GOP sure loves those apocalyptic ultimatums, don’t they? In fact, this whole thing is over the fact that Franken would maybe weaken the Republicans ability to flagrantly abuse the same filibuster they once threatened nuclear war to prevent from ever being used. Their rank hypocrisy would be hilariously comical if it were not so gallingly undemocratic and ultimately harmful.

In one way it almost seems just to have a make-up election–now that the GOP has spat in the face of Minnesotans, denying them their full voice in the Senate so the GOP can cheat Democrats out of a fairly won seat, I would be amazed if they backed up the GOP by re-electing Coleman. But even if it were certain that Franken would win, it would still be a bad idea–because it would be caving in on the principle, and setting a dangerous precedent that Republicans could trash any close election they didn’t win.

It’s just hard to come up with commentary to thoroughly enough express the sheer corrupt, sleazy, unprincipled swine they are being over this.

Of course, not a peep of this on the mainstream media web sites. That damned Liberal Media™ must be blocking the news of the valiant attempts by the GOP to free Minnesotans from the threat of having elected officials.

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