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A Positive Nation, Despite Hardcore Right-wing Negativism

April 7th, 2009

The incessant, frenzied, paranoid, schizophrenic, and often downright vile right-wing campaign to make Obama fail and turn the nation against those nasty, communist liberals is not doing so well. According to the latest NY Times poll, Americans think we’re doing better and are headed in the right direction–and they think that the Republican Party has hit the bottom of the barrel:

…the number of people who said they thought the country was headed in the right direction jumped from 15 percent in mid-January, just before Mr. Obama took office, to 39 percent today, while the number who said it was headed in the wrong direction dropped to 53 percent from 79 percent. That is the highest percentage of Americans who said the country was headed in the right direction since 42 percent said so in February 2005, the second month of President George W. Bush’s second term.

The percentage of people who said the economy was getting worse has declined from 54 percent just before Mr. Obama took office to 34 percent today. And 20 percent now think the economy is getting better, compared with 7 percent in mid-January. …

By contrast, just 31 percent of respondents said they had a favorable view of the Republican Party, the lowest in the 25 years the question has been asked in New York Times/CBS News polls.

Of course, this is perception–but the nation’s economy is largely fueled by perception, as are election results. How this will translate into actual economic improvement over the next year is a different matter, as many elements of the economy are out of the control of mere perception, and could scuttle confidence.

Still, what we see is a measure of faith and trust: Obama and the Democrats are instilling more confidence and approval in the people, while Republicans are driving them away.

So, keep at it, Rush. You’re doing just fine.

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