Birther Notion

July 30th, 2009

Here’s a question: let’s say that tomorrow, Obama says, “OK, just to clear the air and get past this ridiculousness, I am fully authorizing the State of Hawaii to take special measures and to make public the long form of my birth certificate, despite high officials in Hawaii solemnly swearing that the document exists and is in order.” Then Hawaii releases the document and it’s in order.

Then what? Would the Birthers all say, “Ah, well then, good,” and all go home?

Ha ha. Of course not. They would do what they have done every time a new, conclusive piece of evidence has been added to the pile: demand more. And if every definitive piece of evidence imaginable has been released, they would simply switch to “they’re all forgeries” mode. Let’s not fool ourselves here, these are not rational people trying to find the truth–these are among the craziest of the loons on the right wing desperate to not have Obama as president.

Nor should Obama cave, for three very good reasons. First, he has probably already provided more proof than any other president has ever provided regarding his birth; second, if you cave in to nincompoops like the Birthers, then you set the precedent for having to concede to similar whims of every group of dumbasses like them (and there are lots); and third, the Birthers are doing a fantastic job of making conservatives (and Lou Dobbs) look like complete imbeciles.

Right now, if I were someone who had any real suspicions about Barack Obama’s birth, I would shut up and not say a word, for fear of being classed along with that crowd of bozos.

  1. August 1st, 2009 at 19:10 | #1

    I believe it and i don’t want any evidence.

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