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And So On

June 25th, 2004

Republicans have been criticizing John Kerry for not voting as a Senator. So what happened when Kerry came back to vote on a veteran’s health care bill? The Republicans stopped the vote and shut down the entire Senate for a day for the express purpose of preventing Kerry from voting.

Lee Iacocca just endorsed Kerry, having endorsed Bush 4 years ago. “Not as a partisan but as an unabashed patriot,” Iacocca said, “the world is changing, our country is changing, and we need a leader who will understand that change taking place.” Iacocca plans to campaign hard for Kerry in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Showings of Fahrenheit 9/11 are sold out, often as much as a day before the premiere, in the U.S. and in Canada. While no specific date has been set for Japan’s August release of the film (which now has a Japanese web site), Democrats Abroad Japan is trying to arrange a special July screening of the film here in Tokyo. I will keep you informed about what develops there. I would even like to arrange another large-group showing when the film opens nationwide in August. Expect me to be right up there at the head of the line–can’t wait to see this one.

Meanwhile, don’t expect to hear the official story about Cheney and his energy task force before the election. The Supreme Court sent the case back to a lower court. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know full well what happened: executives and lobbyists for oil, gas, and nuclear industries were let loose in the White House and allowed to shape environmental policy and direct the hiring energy and environmental officials to suit their own interests.

It looks like the non-fictional Jack Ryan may be dropping out of the Chicago Senate race. Which is really too bad, he’d have been a greater loser for the GOP. The question remains as to whether the replacement candidate which the GOP is now hand-picking in anticipation will be popular enough, and will not be hurt by the scandal preceding him or her.

Nader tells us that he is running to help liberals. But DailyKos is breaking the gathering story that the GOP is going all-out to get Nader on the ballot in as many states as possible, and that Nader and GOP staffers are socializing. Conservative groups are funding Nader and are calling up everyone on their lists to help Nader out, touting him as “a chance to stop John Kerry from winning.” Doesn’t sound too much like Nader is helping Kerry. Meanwhile, Democrats in Arizona think that there is a good chance Nader can be kept off the ballot there as 15,000, more than half his signatures on his petition, are invalid. At least 9,800 are invalid simply because they aren’t on the voter rolls.

Almost a full year after senior White House officials vindictively exposed a CIA operative working to keep rogue nations from developing WMD so they could punish the operative’s husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, the grand jury has interviewed president Bush–indicating that the investigation is wrapping up and we may soon hear their conclusions. Should be interesting.

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    Be sure to keep everyone informed on the F9/11 Japanese premier date. We definitely want to attent that, already got a babysitter 😉

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