How About This

December 12th, 2009

How about we judge Obama on the wars he starts instead of the wars he inherited and are next to impossible to get out of?

Just saying. I don’t recall anyone judging Bush on Bosnia. Of course, Clinton won that war, and didn’t leave a quagmire. Bit of a difference.

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  1. Leszek Cyfer
    December 12th, 2009 at 21:20 | #1

    Are You joking? It’s Because of Obama that we are in crisis and every day there is more jobless. It’s a matter of course that if war doesn’t go well then it’s Obama fault too 😛

    And if he wants to solve it quick then he is a warmonger 😛

  2. Tim Kane
    December 13th, 2009 at 22:38 | #2

    Thanks to Bush we have a new verb: “To katrina”.

    Bush katrinaed Lower New York when he ignored terrorism for 9 months and allowed Al Quaida to walk in and bomb the twin towers.

    Bush Katrinaed New Orleans with incompetence when Katrina struck.

    Bush Katrinaed the war in Afghanistan by going into Iraq, where upon, Bush Katrinaed Iraq.

    Bush Katrinaed the City of Detroit, the state of Michigan, and nearly the entire global civilization with his economic policies.

    There’s nothing that this man put his hand to that he didn’t katrina.

    In fact, the Republican party has a track record of katrinaing – Reagan’s black Friday, Hoover’s great Depression, Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex, Nixon’s hyperinflation.

    Democrats should run on slogan asking the nation if they want the Nation to be katrinaed again. Who will their Katrina fall on next? Seattle when a volcano blows? San Francisco when an earthquake hits, Kansas City when a tornado hits? Florida when another hurricane hits? The entire east cost with global warming causing the ocean’s begin to rise?

    Even Santa is being katrinaed – soon he’s going to have to move onto a house boat if he wants to live at the North Pole.

    Katrina – it’s what Republicans do.

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