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Holiday Birdwatching II: The Expected

December 30th, 2009

Here are some birds that I completed expected to see–very standard issue for the Bay Area at this time of year:

White-Crowned Sparrow 01

That’s the White-crowned Sparrow above, common in these parts. Below is the American Coot, a relatively humdrum shorebird, more tame than many others.

American Coot 01

The Green-winged Teal is a beautiful, if fairly common bird.

Green-Winged Teal 01

You see egrets quite a bit as well.

Great Egret 01

Egret 01

The Ruddy Duck stands out mostly because it is smaller than other ducks, but also because of its bright white cheek and the fact that it keeps diving under the water, like a grebe.

Ruddy Duck 01

Black-necked stilts were easy to spot–nice birds.

Black-Necked Stilt 01

But the American Avocet is one of the nicest shorebirds high in population. Very pretty indeed.

American Avocet 01

Avocet 01-450

More birds soon…

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