Oh Crap, I Hope Not

April 17th, 2010

Someone has suggested that Apple will like the money made from its “iAds” service so much that they (or others, perhaps) will begin to include the ads in paid apps, or even the OS.

Good sweet dear lord no.

The thing is, that has just the right ring to it. Think of DVDs, or going to see movies at the theater, or a multitude of other things that you pay good money for, and yet they come loaded with ads. Much of the time it is not about making enough money to stay afloat (newspapers might be an exception there), but instead is just about making more profit.

I can only hope that Apple’s noted sense of good taste would prevent them from following their noted sense of making more money wherever they can, in this case at least. There’s a lot of crap I’ll put up with, but ads in paid apps or the OS?

I had not imagined this before, but now I can think of something that would make me very possibly switch away from Apple, and to Linux.

In the spirit of killing ads in stuff you paid enough to get ad-free, here’s a post with instructions on how to skip those annoying DVD previews & ads. You know, the ones that DVD machines are designed to make you powerless to stop them. (Gawd, I hate designs that work against the user.) I always did it by pressing “skip forward” when an ad starts, but would have to do that multiple times and the whole process would take a good minute or so. The stop-play, or stop-stop-play or other methods look a lot faster. Give it a look.

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