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April 17th, 2010

Chitika Labs is claiming that Apple is already nearing the million-iPad mark. The Chikita numbers have always been on the high side, though–they claimed Apple had sold 560,000 at a time when Jobs reported the number to be 450,000, so the actual number as of now is probably closer to 750,000 units.

More interesting is Chikita’s breakdown of users: they’re not all iPhone owners. In fact, very few are. In fact, about half are Windows users. 63% are Mac users, showing some overlap. Only 8.5% have iPhones.

Curious, I checked my Google Analytics stats to see who was visiting and got a nice surprise: close to 8% of the hits the blog has received since the iPad’s release have come from iPads. Yes, iPad visitors may be more inclined to visit this blog, but then so are Mac users, and their numbers are about 2.5 ~ 3x more than market share; one could take that and apply it to the iPad numbers. Whatever the case, 8% of visitors using an iPad just two weeks after its release is pretty startling–I would not have guessed the numbers would be that high, so soon.

Screen Shot 2010-04-17 At 11.06.13 Am

Even more interesting: when I compare the stats from the past two weeks against those for the preceding 2 months (no iPad hits, natch), I find that the share of Mac OS visitors to be unchanged–same for Linux and iPhone users. The iPad took almost al of its share directly from the Windows cut of the pie. Just to be sure, I checked several earlier times as well, and the results were almost identical: before the iPad, 71% of visitors came from Windows, 22% from Macs, about 2.8% from Linux, and just over 2% from the iPhone. After the iPad, Windows visitors dropped to 64%, and other OS’s remained steady.

Again, this could be bias due to the readership of this blog–but how? Maybe my Windows-based visitors are more Mac-friendly? I dunno… but I would love to see stats from other sites and see what the iPad is doing there as well.

Postscript: Taking a more detailed look at the stats, there was a peak shortly after the iPad was released, which has waned in the past few days. It is possible that the iPad numbers were mostly people checking out the browser the first day they got the device. It’ll be interesting to come back in a few months and see how things level out.

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