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Vanguard Panorama

April 30th, 2010

Been taking a few photos to remember the place by. Here’s a stitched panorama of the nighttime view from the balcony, taken tonight. The image runs from north at far left, through the eastern view, to the south and almost fully to the west–about 260 degrees, in all. The tallest building, on the right, is the 60-story Sunshine City building; the small blue building to its right is the Amlux Building (which blocks the view of Mt. Fuji from this perspective); to the left of Sunshine is the Prince Hotel. The bright light in the sky is the full moon. Tokyo Tower is a tiny thing in this image, barely a single pixel; it is halfway between the building below the moon and the tall, dark building to it’s right.


The 500-pixel image above doesn’t do the panorama justice, of course; so here are links to a 2300 x 1024 copy, or for a better view, one which is 4000 x 1667. And for those who want to see the bearings, here is a titled 4000 x 1750 version with the cardinal directions and major landmarks pointed out. Enjoy.

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  1. Troy
    April 30th, 2010 at 05:15 | #1

    unfortunately I learned too late in life that it’s not what you rent that matters, it’s what you own.

    pwetty nice, regardless. Tokyo is one helluva city. My first full day in Japan my friend there (Roy, if you remember) took me to the Amlux bldg where I got to design a Lexis supercar that they still refuse to make.

    If the kids in the park don’t ruin it I think you’re making a very good move. Every month you’re saving the equivalent of two iPads :)

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