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How Dare He

May 6th, 2010

Grover Norquist, noted arch-conservative, on President Obama reportedly using the term “teabagger”:

This remark is the equivalent of using the ‘n’ word. It shows contempt for middle America, expressed knowingly, contemptuously, on purpose, and with a smirk. It is indefensible to use this word. The president knows what it means, and his people know what it means. The public thought we reached a new low of incivility during the Clinton administration. Well, the Obama administration has just outdone them.

Um… yeah. Right. This from a guy whose entire political movement has made it virtually mandatory to twist and create an epithet from the very name of the opposing political party, so much so that the previous president and the party’s succeeding candidate for president used the term constantly. This from a guy whose own movement incessantly calls the president a “communist,” “socialist,” “fascist,” “traitor,” and much worse, comparing him regularly to Hitler, even suggesting he’s the antichrist, daily accusing the president of horrific conspiracies and crimes.

But no, Obama is reaching “a new low of incivility” by using a term that the Tea Party themselves coined for their own use, and only realized after months of open laughter was perhaps not the most effective term to use.

Yeah. Right.

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  1. Tim Kane
    May 6th, 2010 at 07:42 | #1

    I just saw a great little post on Krugman’s blog.

    Someone said, lets create a counter party to the tea party: tax people appropriately.

    I like the idea. I think it would have great traction among working and middle class people.

    Call it the Eat Party.

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