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Our Lawyers Tell Us Our Bigotry Won’t Stand Up in Court, So…

June 10th, 2010

A man in Fargo, North Dakota, applied for a vanity plate which reads “ISNOGOD.” The NDDOT (North Dakota Department of Transportation) rejected his application. Not because it was taken, but because they didn’t like the message–it “might offend people,” they said. They had already approved religious plates, such as “ILOVGOD,” and so apparently they only care about offending religious people, not non-religious people. This was the first vanity plate turned down in the state in three years.

Now the NDDOT has reversed its decision, but does not seem to be doing so willingly. Instead of apologizing for what amounts to blatant discrimination, they simply noted that their attorneys have “advised” them that “under the law” the man is “entitled” to the plate has asked for. The reversal was only “due a broader legal review.” In short, they would have liked to tell the guy that his religious views won’t be tolerated, but their lawyer informed them that their bias didn’t have a legal leg to stand on and a court would rule against them in an embarrassing and perhaps expensive manner.

No doubt the guy will have his car keyed or something after getting the plates.

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