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Harry Potter and the Ring of Reduction: Now in epub Format for the iPad

August 3rd, 2010


Sorry for the delay! Here’s book two of my brother’s original series branching off from The Order of the Phoenix, and the sequel to The Veil of Mystery. This novel, The Ring of Reduction, follows Harry in his last year at Hogwarts as a student–and his second as a teacher. With Dumbledore now communing with Harry from the “other side” and helping to fight Voldemort, the long struggle comes to a climax.

Background: as you may or may not know, my brother has written several Harry Potter fan-fiction novels under the pen name “Semprini” (Monty Python in-joke), which are widely considered amongst the best published on the web. The first three novels pick up after the end of Rowlings’ The Order of the Phoenix, and go off on an alternate timeline for the sixth and seventh years (with an additional novel set five years later). Although they have a different tone than Rowling’s books, they are a close match in terms of the inventiveness and “look and feel” of the originals, so much so that I have sometimes become mixed up about what characters and events are from Rowlings’ books and which are from the alternate novels.

Personally, I like my brother’s versions a good deal better than the real deals–they seem much more reasonable in terms of how people act and how events turn out, and are much more satisfying in general. Even better, they recognize and discuss a variety of moral, ethical, and spiritual issues in a manner that is entertaining, making the stories more interesting for adults and more valuable for younger audiences. The greatest flaw with the book was the tendency to draw out some discussions about personal feelings and such, but this is a subsequent edit, in which the author did much to improve the read.

This first novel was titled The Veil of Mystery, and was finished in late 2004. I first published text and pdf versions on this blog in mid-2005, and since then, there have been about 10,000 downloads of the novel from this site. Keeping in mind that that this is not the primary source of publication–that would be fan fiction sites–that number is quite appreciable.

Even more impressive is the fact that the versions published so far are not the easiest to read–one must either print out a large stack of text, or read the book in a less-than-optimal form on a computer. Now that the iPad has come along, it seems the perfect chance to publish the novels in a form which is both attractive and easy to read.

To read the novel using iBooks on the iPad, just download the ebook (click on the cover art below or the download button at top), decompress the ZIP archive (zipped so as to preserve the book title), and add it to iTunes (drag and drop it into your “Books” section of the Library, or in the Library itself if there is no “Books” section yet). When you connect and sync your iPad, iTunes should upload the book automatically; if not, you can select it under the “Books” tab of your iPad’s content area, then Apply/Sync. The book will appear on your bookshelf, as pictured above.

If you have not read the previous novel, then to get the proper context, read or watch Rowling’s The Order of the Phoenix (book / DVD / BluRay) first, then read The Veil of Mystery. This novel picks up where that one leaves off.



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