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Election Fraud Fraud

November 24th, 2010

Ha. It seems that Republicans will cry “Voter Fraud” not matter who the other candidate is. In Alaska’s (R) vs. (R) fight between Murkowski and Miller, Miller–the GOP’s new Sore Loser (and Norm Coleman’s weak echo)–is now claiming what is assumed to be massive voter fraud for a Republican candidate. Among the devious criminal enterprises are, according to Miller, many ballots with suspiciously similar handwriting and votes cast by voters without correct identification–add that to all the ballots misspelling “Murkowski,” which Miller insists are protest votes against Murkowski.

This after Miller’s people ran a campaign to flood the write-in candidate list with names so that people would have trouble finding Murkowski’s name.

This would have to be massive fraud as Miller is behind by 10,000 votes and yet still seems to be fighting to win.

After Minnesota two years ago, I have to admit it would be rather amusing–and yet still wrong–if Miller were able to hold up Murkowski’s appointment for several months. Not that that is going to happen, for various reasons–including the obvious lack of GOP support, as well as the fact that Murkowski is the incumbent.

Still, it is amusing enough that Miller is using the standard baseless, asinine, and fraudulent sore-loser claims against Murkowski that right-wingers tend to fling out whenever they lose elections fair and square.

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