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Burning Conscience

November 27th, 2010

Bush says he tortured because Yoo, the lawyer, said it was legal. Yoo says just because he said it was legal, Bush didn’t have to do it. Both attempt to dodge responsibility for their actions, in a way that suggests they both know it was wrong but cannot bring themselves to admit it. Meanwhile, this petty, self-serving back-and-forth within the context that there’s nothing wrong with torturing people effectively spits upon what was the hallowed essence of our national spirit.

I simply remember a time when America had these things called “principles.” Bad guys tortured, not us. Bad guys started pre-emptive wars, not us. And constitutional rights always outweighed a false sense of security.

That America no longer exists, courtesy of people like Bush and Yoo. May they vacation in London, where at least a few people possess a modicum of sense.

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  1. Leszek Cyfer
    November 29th, 2010 at 19:06 | #1

    Nevell also mentions the legality of hate speech – “Do talk show hosts who spread vitriol that poisons the public dialogue break any laws?”

    Law can be a backbone, and can be a smokescreen.

    If you ain’t got no backbone, you’ll use law as a smokescreen…

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