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Spam Targets, and, Oh Yeah, Obama and the Dems Are Being Stupid Again

December 15th, 2010

As part of some overdue maintenance, I figured I’d check out and empty the Spam box for the blog… and discovered that almost all of it, or at least 60 comment’s worth, was for a single post: The White House White Board post on jobs. Many were the traditional arm’s-length list of spam links, many had the innocuous-sounding “love this place, just peeking in” message along with a site link to spam, several Russian-language spam ads, several longish comments which, when read, are pretty much gibberish (with spam links), and many were the more involved long post on a tangentially-related (if even that) subject which have links (often formatted for forum links styles) to, of course, spam sites.

Makes me glad for spam blockers, despite their occasional inconveniences, and reminds me of the days when blog comment spam was still new and had to be deleted by hand.

By the way, since I brought up the White House White Board, I see they have a new video up–this time on the tax cut issue. Thought I’d put it up here as well.

This one I’m not so crazy about. Obama says that we have to give Republicans the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to save the tax cuts for the middle class, but the truth is if he and the Democrats had not been such idiots from the beginning they wouldn’t have to be doing this. Republicans are still the black hats here, but Obama and the Dems are the dumb sheriff that let them get away with holding up the train in the first place. Obama says we have to give in to the hostage takers–but the first rule of hostage negotiation is that you don’t give in, because that will just encourage them to take hostages every time. And Obama says we’ll fight them in two years–seriously next time, though he was supposed to be serious this time–and the fact is, in two years, the story will be exactly the same as it is now, only the Republicans will be stronger and more emboldened by then.

Olbermann had a good discussion on this the other day.

  1. Troy
    December 15th, 2010 at 14:12 | #1

    The people we send to Congress set the general parameters of what policy can come out of DC.

    54 conservative House Dems entered last month’s election, 28 survived.

    People wanting to get reelected can’t raise taxes. The Democrats sure demonstrated this for us in 1994, the year after they approved the Clinton tax rise of 1993, so the blue dog wish to postpone the tax fight wasn’t ill-placed.

    But having lost the House, it left the Dems in even a worse spot than entering.

    Be glad you are a Japanese quasi-citizen, tho of course you guys now have the same problems we have, but are further 15 years down the road.

    I’ve asked this before, but what is your general impression comparing 2010 to say 1995, in terms of Tokyo’s general economic feeling of well-being vs. fear?

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