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The U.S. and the Third-World Election

September 28th, 2004

The GOP is gradually turning us into a country with third-world elections. We have to have international inspectors now, and despite that, it is almost a dead certainty that election fraud will still be rampant. And isn’t it interesting that it always just happens to favor the GOP, performed by them or on their behalf?

The Florida situation is an excellent example of this. In 2000, just one of the many GOP frauds committed there was the issuance of a “felons” list that illegally disenfranchised tens of thousands of voters, most of them Democrats. That in and of itself should have been punished with a jail sentence for the partisan administrator who ordered it–but instead, then-Florida state attorney general Katherine Harris, who swore an oath to protect the law she violated, was awarded with a safely Republican congressional district, like a loyal vassal receiving a fief for services rendered.

Still, even with the crime exposed, if not punished, one would think that (a) no one would dare try to do it again, and (b) if they did, the repercussions would be severe. And yet (a) they did it again, and (b) again nothing is being done. Jeb Bush and his people put together another “felons” list–and tried to keep it secret, too. It took a court order to have it made public, and when that happened, again it was found to have illegally disenfranchised thousands of voters and additionally omitted a strongly Republican demographic.

The brazen fashion which Jeb Bush is acting is simply one of the more blatant examples of voter fraud being committed nationwide, as we speak. The Guardian provides this article detailing many of the problems in Florida. But then there is also the active suppression of minority voters by Republicans, as that group usually votes strongly Democratic. This was widespread in Florida in 2000, but not by any means limited to there. A Michigan state senator, Republican John Pappageorge even said publicly, “If we do not suppress the Detroit vote, we’re going to have a tough time in this election.” More than 80% of Detroit residents are African-American. Other violations and cases of voter fraud have occurred across the country.

But that doesn’t stop the right-wing rags from claiming that Democrats are planning “massive vote fraud.” Their evidence? Democrats in Iowa are registering and requesting absentee ballots in record numbers. Those bastards! How villainous! They aren’t supposed to do that!

Sorry. It would be more funny if it weren’t so damned despicable. This is what they’re turning our country into. Well, I say prosecute the hell out of the bastards. With extreme prejudice. If the laws don’t exist, then make ’em. After all, if we don’t have a fair vote, then our very own “democracy” is nothing but a very sad, pathetic joke. Don’t let them do this to us. Let the election results wait too long so that the fraud can be investigated and force a constitutional crisis, if absolutely necessary, but don’t let them get away with it like they did in 2000.

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