Even More Regressive

January 6th, 2012

When will Americans wake up to the fact that when Republicans say they will never raise taxes, they mean only on rich people? That Republicans are chomping at the bit to raise taxes on the poor and middle class?

Look at Romney’s new tax proposal:

Screen Shot 2012-01-06 At 10.37.39 Am

Contrast this with McCain from 2008, where the proposal was to cut taxes for everyone, but mostly for the rich and only a little for the poor and middle class.

Note that in both plans, the cuts for the rich are not just bigger because they make more money, they grow bigger in terms of percentage of income. So it’s not just a matter of getting more cuts because you pay more in taxes, it’s a matter of getting more cuts simply because you’re rich.

Conservatives are not against redistribution of wealth, they are all for it–as long as it is redistributed upwards.

A tune comes to mind… Dennis Moore Dennis Moore, Riding through the land; Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, Without a merry band; He steals from the poor, And gives to the rich….

  1. Troy
    January 6th, 2012 at 12:53 | #1

    stupidest people on the planet, we is

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