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Got It

March 16th, 2012

By the way, it came… I just haven’t had much time to do much with it yet (it came just before I left for work). Still, I was able to get the basics set up.

Quick impressions: battery seems to be going faster than I expected, maybe a bit faster than the old one… The thing does in fact warm up around the edge… The dictation feature was not turned on when I got it and I had to figure that out….

But: the screen is indeed excellent (though I can easily see myself getting so used to it that I’ll take it for granted), and the camera seems to work very well (though it is kind of ‘zoomed in,’ especially in video mode). And most of all, it’s snappy as hell. Very nice after limping along on the 2-year-old iPad 1.

Gotta go to class!

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