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April Resort Birding – Fuji

May 1st, 2012

Sachi and I took Ponta to a few dog-friendly hotels in April, first to a resort in Fuji, and then on the way back from ohaka-mairi (visiting the family gravesite), in Karuizawa. Along the way, I got a chance to do some birding–and surprisingly, saw four new species of bird I had never seen before, which is quite a few for me, in such a short time.

The first was at Fuji: a Brambling. Spotted this one in the forest just south of the resort. The colors are not as rich as an adult male in season, but the dark head, red shoulders and breast, and striped wings tag it fairly distinctively.




There was a Grey Wagtail, common in more inland, wooded areas:


There was some larger mystery bird lurking back where I could not catch it, but got this image–it’s probably a kakesu, a Eurasian Jay, but it’s hard to tell.


And there were the Black Kites, fairly ubiquitous for the countryside:





I did not spend much time birding at Fuji, however–frustrating a few times, because I am pretty sure I spotted some really nice birds but did not have my long lens.

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