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Yaayy… Kind Of… Update: Yaayy!

June 27th, 2012

The day the new Macbook Pros were released, by the time I woke up, the shipping time for the 15“ Retina Pro had already expanded to 2-3 weeks for new orders. I ordered on June 12, so today was the first day within that span–and right on schedule, the status of the order shifted from ”Processing order“ to Preparing for Shipment,” then later tonight, “Shipped.” I had hoped that Apple was just being conservative and would ship it earlier, but there it is.

Which means that my rMBP is now sitting in a warehouse in Shanghai, waiting to catch a plane (hopefully not a boat).

Apple’s original estimate for delivery was between June 30 and July 6; despite “shipping” on the 26th, the original target frame may still be true. When I ordered my iPad 3, it was shipped from Shanghai on March 10, but did not arrive until March 16. So I may yet be a week away from getting my hands on the new machine.

Yargh. It can’t come too soon–I am experiencing too many issues with the current Macbook, it’s acting like a clunker more and more.

Update: The tracking moved, from “Overseas Reception of Package” (海外荷物受付) to “Shipped from Overseas Location” (海外発送). The good news is, when it took my iPad 6 days from “Reception” to arrival, moving to “Shipped from Overseas” took 3 days. This time, it took one day. At minimum, it should arrive here Monday.
Update 2: This delivery is booking along in comparison to the iPad! The iPad took 3 days from “Reception” to “Shipped,” and then two days before it got to Japan. This morning, the Retina Pro is already in Japan, just two days from reception. The thing could actually come today, possibly! Probably by tomorrow–which is great, as I’ll have the weekend to set it up.

In the meantime, my iPhone, after working for two weeks, suddenly crapped out again. I think it’s the cables or connectors for the new screen, which may yet be unsalvageable. I tried opening it up and reconnecting the contacts, to no avail. I will try testing the old screen again, and if I can’t make the new screen work, may yet splurge for one more new LCD screen / digitizer front panel.

Update on iPhone: I tried fixing the screen by opening up the back and then plugging things back in. Did it several times, and all that happened was that the touch screen stopped working too. I put it back together, and it still didn’t work. Then, hours later–the touchscreen came back, and the LCD started working again–but this time, the backlight crapped out. Hrrmmm.
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  1. Troy
    June 28th, 2012 at 02:23 | #1

    >hopefully not a boat

    they can pack ~50,000 MBPs (by weight, dunno about space) in one plane — it’s going by plane.

  2. Luis
    June 28th, 2012 at 20:22 | #2

    The status just jumped to the pre-delivery step. I called and they said it will come tomorrow morning. Woohoo!

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