Let’s Kill 464,000 Americans to Cut Taxes for the Rich

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  1. Troy says:

    The point of course is to undo PPACA’s main funding mechanism, which was raising taxes on people making $200,000 or more in capital gains.

    Basically people in the top 5% — one out of twenty — partially pay for “the 47%”‘s health insurance premiums.

    Unlike them, I’m not philosophically opposed to redistribution like this, as the top 5% are largely a bunch of parasitical rent-seekers and we should tax that as much as we can.

    The GOP does have a sub-rosa slippery slope argument, in that they don’t want the majority voting themselves largesses out of the public purse.

    Given that 50% of the US makes under $38,000/yr, if the poor ever got on the same page they could take everything from the not just the top 1-5% but the upper middle class too.

    At any rate, it’s pretty brutal that the CBO scores $3B in savings from the bill thanks to more people dying before they are old enough to collect their SSA.

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