Republican Election Fraud

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  1. Troy says:

    Stanford put a two-lecture talk by Alan Kay up recently (“How To Invent the Future”), and his 2nd talk ended pretty pessimistically but interesting nonetheless, and apropos to this post, actually:

    He posits that all the goodies of enlightened society — science, progress, knowledge, rights, law, democracy — are “needs” not “wants” and are not universal among societies . . . they are not in the basic toolbox that societies share at some deep/subconscious level.

    So Hitler, Franco, Bush, Trump — conservatism in general — what they bring to the world isn’t an aberration, it’s just a reversion to the mean.

    The Enlightenment was the aberration!

  2. Troy says:

    of all the bullshit of the past months,

    ranks pretty high up there.

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