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Breaking the Nazi Barrier

March 16th, 2014

I know that this is probably obvious to anyone who reads this… but still, it is hard not to observe the massively hypocritical hyperbole we get now from the right wing. It used to be that people didn’t equate everything they disagreed with to Nazis. Then there was the rule of thumb that the first one to use the word “Nazi” lost the argument. But now? To hell with political correctness! Nazis away!

“Political correctness” is so oppressive, that the U.S. is now “very much like Nazi Germany,” and we are living in a “Gestapo Age.” And if the people dare criticize the rich or object to the gap between rich and poor, it is akin to Kristallnacht, and we’re again well on our way to becoming Nazi Germany.

On the other hand, the ideal fair and “free market” is a society where workers are locked into a store and commanded not to use the emergency exits unless the building is literally burning down–and workers like the guy with a crushed ankle follow those commands because they cannot afford to lose their minimum-wage jobs. We’re lucky to live in a country where paying someone a wage which will not even let them approach the poverty line is seen as unthinkable largesse. No, that’s not fascism.

And a society where denying gay people not only the right to marry, but trying to force through laws which would make it so that any doctor could leave them dying in an emergency room, or any policemen could leave them abandoned to a horrific crime–well, that’s simply religious freedom at work. Not allowing us to abuse homosexuals or to deny women access to contraceptives, that’s Nazi Germany.

You see, when a billionaire is criticized for luxuriating in massive opulence and wealth after crashing the economy, it’s like sending a Jew to the concentration camps.

But slashing billions of dollars of food stamps needed by families with children on the edge of starvation, and calling anyone who uses them a parasite, well, that’s just good old common-sense American Christian morality. And the billions then lavished on corporations already awash in unimaginably astronomical profits, well, who could blame them for taking what’s being offered?

The class war is being vociferously fought, but not by the poor. Religious intolerance abounds, but it’s not coming from the areligious.

But hey, I’m just being a Nazi by bringing this up. Shame on me.

  1. Troy
    March 17th, 2014 at 09:45 | #1

    thing are indeed pathologically weird around here.

    I think a large part of the right wing position is just paid propagandistic noise to continue mindf-cking the rubes.


    When I argue online with conservatives I prefer to hammer on two trends:



    because these two really smoke the bastards out of their affected positions of being pro-human and reveals the pro-wealth programmed robots they are under the mask.

    Billionaires didn’t bust their ass to make their wealth, they stole it. I can think of a few exceptions — like Steve Jobs maybe. The billions he made from the iMac, OS X, iPod, iTMS, iPhone, and iPad, not to mention Pixar, was textbook capitalism, creating actual stuff people are willing to pay a lot of money for completely freely, without any coercion or anticompetitive bullshit (aside from Apple buying up Toshiba’s entire production of 1.8″ hard drives, that was certainly skating the line on bad behavior).

    But billionaires can pay a ton of people to lie for them, and when that fails, pay even more to protect them physically, like how it is in the third world hell-holes they made.


    in total billionaires have $6.5T in wealth, up ~6X since the mid-1990s.

    Our current system is about as corrupt as the Soviet Union ca. 1980. But we can still feed ourselves, sorta.

    If we had to close our trade deficit, we’d be facing real hard times, especially if we had to import our ag output with a weaker dollar vs. the yuan and euro — that would result in the rest of of the world being able to buy more of our stuff and we’d receive less of our money back in return. Our trade deficit:


    is around $500B/yr, or $4000 per household. That’s a tough bill to pay, but we might have to someday.

    Our trade deficit with Mexico is $50B/yr, yet the factory wage in Tijuana is $2.30 per hour. This is a sign of currency manipulation and the general “Triffin Dilemma” we’re in being the international reserve currency.

    Since 1990 we’ve lost 6M manufacturing jobs:


    which is about half the 12M gap we have between current employment and the “full” employment we experienced ca. 1999:


    red line is “full” employment
    blue line is actual employment

    But, like I said, conservatives have got 40% of the population totally snowed.

    And the Dems are center-right milquetoast still.

    But if Bernie Sanders runs, he’s got my vote in the primary. He’s far to the left of everyone, but he’s the only person actually making sense any more.

  2. Troy
    March 17th, 2014 at 09:55 | #2

    ^ “export” not “import” our ag output in the above. I see a future where things look like the Hunger Games, were trains take all our food and ship it to the ports and then off to China etc.

    And the funny thing is Warren Buffet actually bought an entire railroad during the crash:


    which is set up to perform that task rather well.

  3. Troy
    March 17th, 2014 at 11:26 | #3

    me, 3 years ago:

    “I think the US government soft-pedalled the USS Reagan contamination event.”


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