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600 Days, and Counting

March 24th, 2005

Since I started blogging daily, 600 days have passed without a break (okay, when traveling over date lines I blog ahead, but I don’t count that as a break). The two-year anniversary since the first entry of this blog is coming in just two weeks. An average of 1,400 visitors (most of them repeat visitors, it seems) come to this site every day, most by direct address (bookmark, RSS feed, or typing the URL directly into a browser), and most of the rest through search engines like Google. Go figure….

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  1. William J. Roth RN
    March 24th, 2005 at 06:53 | #1

    If anyone knows Michael Schiavo address tell him that he should sue the nurse assistant (she is not a Registered Nurse) and the Nursing facility for breach of patient confidentiality and for practicing medicine without a medical license.

    Giving any information on a patient is against the law. Also this nursing assistant and the other are guilty of practicing medicine without a license. Her privilage to be a nursing assistant should be revoked.


    William J. Roth RN

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