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Done and Done

May 31st, 2007

Sachi and I signed the apartment contract today, and handed over ¥740,000 (roughly $6,100) for the deposit and first few days’ rent (well, we handed it over to the bank by furikomi, but same difference). We got handed the keys (three high-tech keys; the plastic grip also acts as an electronic pass key which opens the front door of the building) and a big load of documents, the bulk of which is pamphlets explaining this and that. Even so, they still could not answers about the LAN outlets and other technical stuff; when Sachi and I first reserved the place, the office people there said to ask at orientation, while the orientation people today said to call up and ask the Kanri Office. Ah well–somebody’s got to know how things work there.

In the meantime, I also got an envelope from JS Systems which gave me another set of keys, these for the cage where my scooter can be parked. So all we have to do is wait about 30 days and then we move in. In the meantime, I have to post ads on Metropolis, maybe Craig’s List, and in the Daily Yomiuri; we have to unload one or two microwave ovens, a fridge, a washer-dryer, a SkyPerfecTV satellite dish and tuner, a desk, a gas heater, and a variety of other stuff. I’ll also have to stop by Yodobashi or somewhere and start asking about getting signed up for Internet service–better start now or we’ll waste the usual three-week “wait while we do nothing for no reason” period.

In other good news, Apple stick rose again, this time by more than $4 in one day to $118.77, continuing a streak over the past 30 days which has driven the stock up about 20%, about 30% over where it was when I bought into it late last year. Just as I write this, it is up again to over $120. My original investment (I bought in at $91, which at the time was a peak and it stalled under that for a few months) has netted about $8000 so far, and now many traders are setting targets as high as $150, seeing as how the stock will likely rise sharply when the iPhone is released, as well as when Jobs unveils the goodies on Leopard at the WWDC on June 11. Apple has just also hit $100 billion in capital and has joined the S&P 100. So far, so good.

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