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Weather and the Movies (I Ramble)

November 5th, 2003

One day to the Matrix… and so of course it starts pouring rain and I start to catch a cold. Ah well. Busy day tomorrow.

If you live in Japan, by the way, and want to keep track of the weather, I suggest you visit the TBS Weather web site. The link just there is to one frame of the page, avoiding the ad links and allowing for reliable re-loads of the page. That particular site is best because (a) it is in English or Japanese (the link is to the English version), and (b) there are many options, including an animated 6-hour forecast of precipitation, as well as typhoon tracking.

I’ve been spending time tonight both working on tests to give students tomorrow, and to break the monotony, watching the new Futurama DVDs I had delivered from Amazon. It is actually not very expensive to have them shipped from the U.S., if you get the boxed sets–three, four, or even ten DVDs count as one for shipping purposes if they’re boxed. So I got the second season of Futurama–not only an excellent series (cancelled, of course), but the commentary (included with every single episode) is fantastic. Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and John Di Maggio (Bender), Billy West (Fry, the Professor, Zoidberg, etc.), and various directors and writers all join in. They are more than just a little entertaining, explaining unused concepts, story backgrounds, details concerning the animation process, details to watch for, and quite a few amusing anecdotes. Futurama and Friends are the only two series I am buying in their entirety–and with Friends, that’s quite an investment. At least they aren’t vastly overpriced like the Star Trek and X-Files DVD sets.

All that in contrast with, for example, the commentary by the Zuckers and Croft for the “Airplane” and “Naked Gun” series–despite how funny their movies can be, they suck at commentary, some of the worst I’ve heard. I just had to stop listening after a while. Surprisingly, Mel Brooks was the same for Blazing Saddles. Very unfunny commentary. Strange.

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