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Rain Geta

November 21st, 2003

Spotted these on the platform while waiting for the train–rain geta. Geta are the traditional Japanese clog shoes, basic wooden platforms atop two wood blocks, with a thong on top. This is the first time I recall seeing a pair covered in clear plastic for rainy weather. They were worn by an elderly lady in a classic dark-tone kimono. An interesting modern touch on a traditional costume.

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  1. Eric Burnette
    November 22nd, 2003 at 09:14 | #1

    Hello Luis —

    I looked for a direct email link to you and was not able to find one. So I am trying this even though I know that it may not be the best way to contact you.

    I am starting to research a book on people expatriating from the United States since 9/11. I need to locate and interview individuals who have left the United States after (or perhaps because of) 9/11. Would I be able to post this notice on your EXPAT site?


    Have you left the United States since 9/11? Or are you considering leaving?

    Please contact me.

    I am in the process of doing research for a book on people who have become expats in the wake of 9/11 — or are actively considering leaving. If this describes you would you contact me? (Or if you happen to know somebody else who fits this description, would you ask them to contact me?) I would like to interview as many recent expats as I can. Interviews can be conducted anonymously. As background, I am the author of My Kind of Town (Chronicle Books, 1995). That book dealt with the influx of people into American small towns. This book will look at a similar sort of trend, but on an international scale.

    Thank you for any help you can offer!

    Eric Burnette
    541 386 4892


    Please let me me know if this is OK. And if so, how and where I should post it? Also, can you suggest any other places where I might post such a request?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer

    Eric Burnette

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