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July 30th, 2008

And, oh yeah, did you hear about the outrageous thing Obama did? He promised to visit wounded veterans, but he insisted that, for security reasons, the wounded vets–many with special medical needs–would have to come to the hall where the speech would be given two hours early, and then be sequestered there until after Obama finished speaking and had left. Since there are no bathrooms in the hall, the wounded and disabled vets would have to hold it in for three or four hours, waiting for Obama’s leisure. The vets group cancelled the event because of this.

Can you imagine the outcry? Can you imagine the howls of outrage by conservatives offended without limit by the temerity and arrogance of that punk Obama? Can you imagine the weeklong media circus? The non-stop pundits decrying Obama for so blatantly abusing out honored veterans?

Except, as you’ve undoubtedly already guessed, it wasn’t Obama. It was Cheney. And the outraged conservatives? Not to be found, of course. And the media coverage? What, are you kidding me?


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