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State of the Union Speech

January 21st, 2004

Listening to it right now. Boy, am I going to comment on this in detail the first chance I get. Bush is being outright shameless this time, even more than before. I’ve got to go to work very soon, but when I come back I will have a transcript and will probably have to restrain myself from producing too long a tome….

A quick summary would include a rehashed wish list, a string of exaggerations and outright fantasy, and brazen partisanship. He wants to make the tax cuts for the rich permanent, wants to renew the dangerous Patriot Act, and gave a rather lame defense of his war in Iraq, naturally trying to use the bravery of the soldiers to his advantage. He even referenced his war experience by mentioning his carrier landing and his Iraq mess hall event, both blatant PR stunts. The applause for the speech is rather one-sided, with the conservative side applauding automatically at the end of practically every sentence.

More coverage later.

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  1. January 21st, 2004 at 12:07 | #1

    Here are some of the most outrageous elements. These aren’t exact quotes. Comments follow each item.

    1.) “Some say this isn’t a war at all, that it should be a matter of law enforcement and indictments” said that
    indictments didn’t do the job

    So Bush is openly opposed to formal indictments, i.e. those things which are guaranteed by the constitution.

    2.) “We have discovered dozens of WMD-related program activities. Had we not acted WMD programs would have continued to this day.”

    Notice the subtle language usage here: “WMD-related program activities.” What does that mean? “We haven’t found a damn thing and we’re grasping at straws.”

    3.) “Americans will never seek a permission slip”

    What ego!

    4.) Lots of talk of god, asked Congress to codify “faith-based” organizations…said prisoners needed to have mentoring from these groups.

    Pay religious groups to convert prisoners? No thanks.

    5.) Talked about spending money on expanding American media into middle east to “combat propaganda”

    Combat it. Ahem…yes. Right.

    6.) “America is a nation with a mission”
    “no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire”
    “understand our mission to lead the cause of freedom”

    So we don’t desire to dominate, but we’re in charge. Does that sound about right?

    7.) Said court rulings against homosexual discrimination were “arbitrary rulings”

    I’d say Bush’s desire to discriminate is what is arbitrary. These court decisions are very well-reasoned and based on the Constitution. Bush’s assertions are based on pure religious dogma.

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