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So Far, Very Good

June 14th, 2004

An update on my new web hosts–I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far at Surpass Hosting. I’ve already mentioned the 7GB hard disk space and 75GB bandwidth, double that now that they’ve given me the second account free (from the June 5~7 2-for-1 promotion).

So far, only the typical startup kind of matter have come up–email had to be changed to allow for every-minute checking, and I asked for some account name and domain changes (not a problem, just a preference). Every time so far I have contacted the, response time has been excellent–always within the hour, but more likely within minutes. Had a whole conversation with them at the help desk that took half an hour, and my account name and assigned domain name were successfully changed as per my request. At Myacen, the same transaction would have taken days.

Add-on domains have gone very smoothly indeed. At Myacen, it never worked properly, and I always had to ask the tech support for help, and it took quite a while and some jiggling of the handle, so to speak, to get the add-ons to work–not to mention that whenever Myacen did a server change, which was often, the add-on got dislodged, and had to be re-attached, with the same difficulties every time. At Surpass, it worked like it should–the same control panel interface, but there were no problems there. I tested transferring a blog, with all the database setup stuff involved, and it was not a problem.

Also, I very much do like the ability to refresh stats whenever I want to, and am looking forward to playing with the much-expanded control panel options. My year-long account with Myacen means I’m paid until September, but I have the feeling that I will jump ship and switch the hosting to Surpass well before then.

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