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Like Three-Year-Olds

October 15th, 2009

One ongoing vein of outrageous hypocrisy on the Republican side of things is the gall they have to act like complete weasels when in power, but now that they are out of power, they warn Democrats that they better not even think of doing the stuff that Republicans did as if it were their god-given right. The latest example comes with the GOP’s last-gasp attempts to shoot down Net Neutrality:

Now out of power, the Republican party is preaching the virtues of bipartisanship. A new letter from 18 Republican senators to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski opens with a line of congratulations but moves quickly to the real business at hand: telling Genachowski that he had better not plan on moving forward with his ambitious net neutrality agenda unless he has bipartisan support.

“Such a major policy shift should be contemplated only with all of the FCC Commissioners involved,” says the letter. “To do it with just one party reduces the confidence the public and the Congress has in the proposal.”

Yep, the whole “you MUST be bipartisan” crap. When the GOP ruled the roost, they had zero interest in acting bipartisan; they steamrolled through anything and almost everything they wanted, and went into nuclear hissyfits if the Democrats even hinted at disagreeing.

But now that Democrats have the majority, Republicans are insisting on bipartisanship, even within regulatory bodies like the FCC–a stance you can be absolutely certain will completely disappear three seconds after they regain a majority again.

Even after making the same appalling, preposterous displays again and again and again, the brazen, utter gall of the GOP never fails to astonish.

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