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Cheney Weasels on Fox

June 26th, 2004

Cheney was interviewed on Fox News (where else?) and gave the same mealy-mouthed weaseling we’re used to from him. When asked if he had really used the F-word, he replied, “That’s not the kind of language that I usually use,” delivered not in a sheepish, apologetic tone, but in a tone that clearly expected the listener to believe he hadn’t said it at all, as in “I don’t know why they said that, I don’t speak that way.”

Fox’s Neil Cavuto, though handling him with kid gloves, did pin him down: “Did you curse at him?” Cavuto asked. “Probably,” Cheney replied. What a hypocrite. Remember how the entire weight of the GOP fell on Bill Clinton whenever he tried to twist language to his purposes? Here’s Cheney twisting the hell out of the language, weaseling like mad–and let’s not forget the GOP’s condemnation of “John Effing Kerry” for such a long time after he used the word in a Rolling Stone interview late last year.

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