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Pop-ups Are Coming Back

October 23rd, 2004

Ever since Mozilla started blocking pop-up advertisements on web pages, I’ve had a great deal of success avoiding them. In fact, I hadn’t gotten a single one for a few years–until recently. I just experienced the second one now, and it’s becoming apparent to me that the spammers are breaking through here as well–they’re somehow figuring out ways to get around pop-up blockers.

Ironically, it is partially due to Microsoft. In the recent Service Pack upgrade to Windows XP, Internet Explorer was improved to block pop-up ads–likely copying exactly what Mozilla has been doing for so long now. And since IE has such a huge chunk of the market, advertisers felt compelled to find away around it–and in doing so, got around the Mozilla protection as well.

Here’s a story which explains it.

So we were doing great until IE moved in. There goes yet another neighborhood…

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