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Well, That Didn’t Last Long

November 21st, 2012

Dean Chambers, the guy who ran that “UnSkewedPolls.com” web site, was unusually rational for a Republican after the election was over. He admitted that he read the polling data wrong, and congratulated Nate Silver on calling it right. At the time, I ran a blog post noting this unusual case from within the right-wing bubble of a Republican recognizing the obvious.

Well, it didn’t last.

Turns out Chambers was probably just nursing a hangover or something, because he got right back up and started “BarackOFraudo.com” (um, that would be “O’Fraud-A, because his name is Obam-A; at least get your vowels right, dude), a web site dedicated to ”exposing how they stole the 2012 election.“

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the state of Ohio on his map, a map (obviously stolen from RealClear Politics) which claims that Obama won four states—Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida—through vote fraud. Under the title ”Vote Scamming in Cleveland,“ Chambers notes that ”Democrats are known for years for stuffing the ballot boxes in the city of Cleveland“ (They are? Care to cite any actual evidence, like Bush’s comprehensive 5-year investigation that found essentially nothing?), and boldly claims that ”This was true with the state of Ohio in the 2012 presidential election.“ Yes, we know that because of the huge piles of No Evidence.

Then he backs it up with, well, very ambiguous reporting of numbers with no explicit conclusions. He indirectly cites that Obama won by wide margins in Cuyahoga County, ”including 9 voting divisions where Romney received zero votes and many more voting divisions where Romney received fewer than a half percent of the votes.“ He notes the same in Philadelphia.

Huh. Some of the poorer urban areas of Cleveland and Philadelphia had no votes for Romney. Gee whiz, I wonder how on earth that could have possibly happened? Nothing occurs to me. I will have to carefully think about this, because that sounds oddly suspicious. I cannot imagine any scenario of events or, I don’t know, demographics or stuff, that could possibly account for this.

He links to a right-wing web site where they sense the same curious voter fraud, which, like Chambers, they seem to feel is a sure thing because, well, after all, there was a mural of Obama in a voting precinct somewhere. OK, the mural was in Washington D.C., but apparently it caused massive voter fraud across the entire region.

All this even though they link to a Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper article which explains how such vote counts are, in fact, completely possible:

It’s one thing for a Democratic presidential candidate to dominate a Democratic city like Philadelphia, but check out this head-spinning figure: In 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch. …

In a city with 1,687 of the ward subsets known as divisions, each with hundreds of voters, 59 is about 3.5 percent of the total.

In some of those divisions, it’s not only Romney supporters who are missing. Republicans in general are nearly extinct.

Take North Philadelphia’s 28th Ward, third division, bounded by York, 24th, and 28th Streets and Susquehanna Avenue.

About 94 percent of the 633 people who live in that division are black. Seven white residents were counted in the 2010 census.

In the entire 28th Ward, Romney received only 34 votes to Obama’s 5,920.

Although voter registration lists, which often contain outdated information, show 12 Republicans live in the ward’s third division, The Inquirer was unable to find any of them by calling or visiting their homes.

Four of the registered Republicans no longer lived there; four others didn’t answer their doors. City Board of Elections registration data say a registered Republican used to live at 25th and York Streets, but none of the neighbors across the street Friday knew him. Cathy Santos, 56, founder of the National Alliance of Women Veterans, had one theory: ”We ran him out of town!“ she said and laughed.

James Norris, 19, who lives down the street, is listed as a Republican in city data. But he said he’s a Democrat and voted for Obama because he thinks the president will help the middle class.

A few blocks away, Eric Sapp, a 42-year-old chef, looked skeptical when told that city data had him listed as a registered Republican. ”I got to check on that,“ said Sapp, who voted for Obama.

Eighteen Republicans reportedly live in the nearby 15th Division, according to city registration records. The 15th has the distinction of pitching two straight Republican shutouts – zero votes for McCain in 2008, zero for Romney on Tuesday. Oh, and 13 other city divisions did the same thing in 2008 and 2012.

Three of the 15th’s registered Republicans were listed as living in the same apartment, but the tenant there said he had never heard of them. The addresses of several others could not be found.

Some conservatives are noted as claiming voter fraud is behind some of this and cite it as evidence that there should be voter ID laws in place. The Inquirer points out that ”[t]he absence of a voter-ID law, however, would not stop anyone from voting for a Republican candidate.“ Essentially, any fraud would have to include removing any votes for Romney from the ballot boxes, something not claimed and certainly something not supported by evidence. Nor would ”stuffing the ballot boxes“ in districts amounting to a few thousand votes sway things in a state Obama won by hundreds of thousands.

What we have here are small areas of solidly black, Democratic voters voting en masse for Obama. Which, apparently, is enough to trigger claims of ”vote fraud“ by conservatives.

The right-wing web site amusing concluded, in some of the very small, solidly Democratic districts:

…political uniformity may indeed have been achieved.

Yes. Achieved. It’s a nefarious Democratic plan to get all the low-income black people to gather together in small urban districts so that no one in a few blocks’ radius votes Republican.

Yes, that’s the reason things turned out that way. Such an ingenious, insidious plan!

Back to Chamber’s web site, I was amused to find that the pages for Pennsylvania and Florida had the exact same text as the one for Ohio:

Vote Scamming in [state name]

Democrats are known for years for stuffing the ballot boxes in a number of heavily Democrat leaning [area type] in [geographic area name]… This was true with the state of [state name] in the 2012 presidential election.

Essentially, what these people are getting down to is simple: black people voting for Obama in heavily black areas is equivalent to voter fraud. That’s why we need to stop them from voting with Voter ID laws.

Perfectly logical.

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  1. Troy
    November 22nd, 2012 at 07:09 | #1

    This is a pathologically sick country. ~30% here are just f—-ed in the head and there’s no getting to them through their ideological insulation.

    Too bad Sweden is as latidunally-challenged as Alaska. Plus they have that moon-man language.

    But living 90 days in Sweden or Denmark sounds kinda fun. I should do that next year, get the hell out of this place again.

    LDP’s new election slogan is “Take Back Japan” apparently


    Good luck with that!

    Obama winning another 4 years might induce some liberal Americans to put off fleeing this country, but there is no policy solution for our problems, other than doubling taxes on everyone and/or cutting the military a lot and that’s simply not going to happen.

    What *is* going to happen instead is not something I can see. I was pretty pessimistic in 1992 and alas I was premature — the 1990s turned out a lot better than I was expecting!

    But plenty of seeds of our current destruction were planted then. . .

    Mainly it has been our trade deficit:


    and rising Gini:


    these are macro indicators of a system out of balance, structural problems that have gone unaddressed for decades now.

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