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Fox News Reports That Arizona Law Is an Attack on Homosexuality, and That God Is Dead

February 27th, 2014

Foxhl-2Fox News has reported that a Mississippi woman tried to get Bible scriptures copied at Walgreens, but the clerk at the shop refused to do so on copyright grounds, in an act which is characterized as an “attack on Christianity.” In doing so, Fox is clearly suggesting that denying service to a class of people is equivalent to an attack on those people; thus, the proposed laws in Arizona and Ohio to refuse service to gay people is, by inference, an “attack on homosexuality.”

Furthermore, Fox appears to dismiss the copyright claims baed on the statement that “Copyright law typically covers books for the life of the author, plus 50 years,” clearly indicating that Fox News believes that God is dead, and has been for at least half a century.

Fox News has so far not commented on its new atheist, pro-gay policy.

Seriously, though, this article is a bonanza of bias. First of all, what the hell is a major “news” outlet reporting on a woman having difficulties with the copy clerk at her local Walgreens? Is it that slow a news day? This reads more like an article from The Onion.

Second, the clerk actually had a valid point: it was not just Bible scriptures, there was artwork involved, and the clerk had no way of knowing if those images were copyrighted or not.

Third, the issue has already been resolved, with Walgreens simply asking the woman to sign a waiver to take care of any potential copyright issues.

Fourth, this has nothing whatsoever to do with religion, unless someone has evidence that the clerk was acting on grounds aside from the purely reasonable legal grounds claimed; none whotsoever is presented.

And lastly, acting like any of this is somehow an “attack” on anything is hysteric hyperbole.

In short, this can be safely classified as “Wednesday at Fox News.”

  1. Troy
    February 27th, 2014 at 13:42 | #1

    ten years ago you were talking about the Anti-Gay amendment:

    “the Gay Marriage amendment to the constitution appears to have already died a deserving death”


    from wikipedia:

    “On February 24, after the same Massachusetts court reiterated that it was insisting on marriage and that civil unions were insufficient, Bush expressed support for this amendment for the first time”


    The System’s running a helluva scam on us. Utter retards (like Bush) on the right vs. milque toast centrists, that’s the choice we voters got.

    Well, it’s the choice we voters are creating for ourselves. Maybe the USA is just too big and too divided ideologically. Maybe we should break it up a bit.

    The social conservatives are really screwing things up for everyone by putting and keeping their plutocratic allies in power.

    So much needs to be changed, but, politically, change is impossible, not until progressives actually outnumber conservatives again.

  2. Troy
    March 1st, 2014 at 04:41 | #2

    two years ago it was Santorum . . .


    The right’s doing good here, it’s always better to attack than defend.

    There hasn’t been any positive policy discussion in this country since the Dems lost the House, and 2009/10 was largely consumed by the health care reform BS.

    Nobody understands what the problems actually *are* here.

    yet since 2010 rents have been raised 10% . ..


    has the entire housing stock gotten 10% better?

    No, what has happened is rents are just rising with wages, as is “normal”:


    All the rightwing bullshit in this country is a symptom of something deeper wrong.

    I’ve ranted on it enough here so I’ll spare you.

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