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Administration Payoff Policy

January 14th, 2005

From USA Today:

President Bush expressed “serious concerns” Thursday about the Education Department’s decision to pay conservative commentator Armstrong Williams to promote the administration’s education policies. Bush said he wants his Cabinet to take steps to prevent a recurrence.

Yeah, right. I am certain that he is greatly “concerned” over this whole fiasco–only because it’s been revealed even more than before. This has been endemic to the administration, not to the Department of Education. If you recall, an infomercial was produced for Bush’s Medicare plan just like it was for No Child Left Behind, the same kind of abuse we see in the Armstrong case. If this were just a problem in the Education Department, then it would be localized there. Because identical abuses exist in more than one department, that makes it an administration abuse–and Bush is doing nothing except cover-up at this time, yet again being the coward and blaming others for his own corruption.

Meanwhile, Williams says that he’s going to keep the money.

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