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Laying in Wait

February 2nd, 2005

Every once in a while you come across the sight below: a traffic cop laying in wait. They love to do that at major intersections, expecting people to violate traffic laws there. Not that they really do their job well–if I had the slightest feeling that they were really trying to maintain traffic safety, I’d have some respect for them. But the tend instead to avoid danger spots, instead hiding in spots where there’s very little danger from vehicles crossing yellow lines and such, but where it’s easy to catch and ticket people. A lot more on that in this past post.




I watched him for a few minutes while waiting for my order at McDonald’s to get made. He never went after anybody, and apparently gave up, as he left just as I was heading back. A little video of that–nothing really interesting, just a bit of video for fun. (Quicktime movie, 1.4MB.)


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  1. Dwarftoad
    February 7th, 2005 at 15:23 | #1

    I know what you mean, i am goin to school here in japan and I watch them as they try to catch ppl. I have been caught by them before in my civic, but damn their bikes go about 200mph. We know they are supped up for the kinds of cars they have to catch here.

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