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Snowy Saturday

January 21st, 2006

Tokyo got its first serious snow of the season, and the second of the year, as I’ve been told (the first came when I was in the U.S. on vacation, in December). And we got a lot–maybe half a foot or so, throughout the day. I’ve always said, if it’s gonna be cold and if it’s gonna precipitate, then I’d much rather have snow than rain. I’m safe in calling that a universal, right?

Anyway, being the proverbial kid with a broken bone who has to watch the other kids out the window, here’s a series of snow photos throughout the day.



The Yaki-imo truck has been coming by every few hours–just drove through a few minutes ago, in fact. I guess the idea of hot-baked sweet potatoes is more appealing in weather like this. The above were earlier in the day. Then it started coming down harder, and I spied some kids having a good time with it:


And the snow on the cars in the parking lot, to give you an idea of how much there was:


Then two more shots, of the parking lot leading into the forest behind my place, at day and night (the second being a 13-second exposure):



Okay, so it’s not Pulitzer material. Pretty boring, in fact, especially if you get snow where you are a lot. But hey, I’ve got a broken foot on a snow day.

Update: News reports are saying that “Tokyo” only got two and a half inches of snow yesterday, but apparently they were talking about central Tokyo. That’s more than two inches out there. They say Yokohama got 3 inches-plus, and Ibaraki got as much as six inches. I’d say we got a good four here in West Tokyo.

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  1. ykw
    January 22nd, 2006 at 03:10 | #1

    These are very nice pictures. How is your foot doing?

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