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Moving Day

June 29th, 2007


It’s finally here… and now I’ve got a load of stuff to do. I unplugged the fridge last night (lukewarm water in the morning on a hot day… ugh!) so that it’d be ready for transport. I would have been ticked off at the Takkyubin people for calling me at 8 am, except that on this day I had my alarms set for 8:10, so what they heck. Sometime after that, the person comes to remove the A/Cs (hopefully).

Then, at some indeterminate time in the afternoon, the movers arrive, by which time I had better have all the junk cleared up and be ready to go. I pay them cash at the door, apparently, and that’s set up. After they get loaded up, then I lock the door after them and while they drive to the new place, I ride my scooter over to meet them there (stopping by at work for a few minutes along the way). At the new place, they unload everything… and that’s it. For today.

Tomorrow I’m getting a rental van. The movers are limited to a 2-ton truck, so they might not be able to fit everything in. In any case, I have to deliver my air conditioner and gas stove to some people who are buying them from me. So I’ll pick up the rental van from 8 am, may or may not pick up a friend who has volunteered to help, and then will head back here. After packing up the rest of the stuff and before leaving, the recycle shop people are coming around to pick up some stuff; I will probably disappoint them, as they’ll expect a huge haul, but all they’re getting is a computer monitor and maybe a few other small things.

After I’m through with the rental van, it’s back in the apartment to wait for Sachi’s movers to arrive, while I also wait for the KDDI people to hook up the Internet and phone service, and for the cable TV people to come in and do their stuff. Sachi arrives later in the evening, and the unpacking begins in earnest, taking up a lot of Sunday as well. The new bed frame arrives Sunday, and my Apple WiFi base station arrives Saturday or Sunday as well. Monday, it’s back to the old apartment for cleaning… and then the move is complete.

I need more sleep. Life goes on.

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  1. June 29th, 2007 at 10:09 | #1

    Sounds like a huge pain…it makes me glad we’ve never moved.

    Anyway, why do you have to unplug the refrigerator the night before? I’d think you could have tossed a couple of half bottles of water in your freezer (to then fill up with tap water which would stay cold) and just unplugged the fridge when they came to get it.

    When we had our refrigerator replaced, we didn’t unplug it early and they just took it away. I wonder if we did something wrong in that case.

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