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Matrix Revolutions: Major Spoiler Review

November 17th, 2003

With the number of visitors reading the Matrix: Reloaded Spoiler Review on this site numbering over 600 now–just for the past two weeks–it is finally time to release my spoiler review for Revolutions.

I would have done this much earlier, but for the past week and a half or so, as I’ve mentioned, the video project for the Arts Festival at my school has completely occupied my time. And this review took the better part of two days to write, being essentially a fifteen page essay (single-spaced). The review talks about everything, explains the movie step by step, and analyzes much of what is going on ‘out of sight’ of the movie. From the Oracle’s maneuvering to the King Arthur reference, hopefully it’s all there, with transcripts of relevant conversations and statements. I’m sure some family and frineds will call me nuts for doing this. I didn’t intend it to get so involved, it just happened that way….

Anyway, enjoy.

Matrix Revolutions: Major Spoiler Review

Note: I just did a little proofreading and minor editing, and added a special comment area at the bottom. You can leave comments there or come back here when finished and leave comments in the usual blog style.

Another Note: The stats get calculated every 24 hours or so (can’t control it, alas). But in the 3 or 4 hours since this review went up, it has gotten 20 hits. Yikes.

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