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Yeah, They’re Not Biased

November 27th, 2003

Look at one of the top political stories on Fox News’ web site–not presented as an editorial, but straight news–and tell me about how Fox is not conservative, or is even just slightly so. This network is so tilted I’m surprised they don’t slide right off the media table.

In the meantime, the rest of the “liberal media” is still largely ignoring the fact that Republican staffers were caught red-handed raiding the Democrats’ server computers, stealing their files, and then leaking said files to Sean Hannity on the “fair and balanced” network. How is this not big news? Fox, CNN, USA Today, ABC, and MSNBC–none of them are even listing the story on their web sites, not even among the minor items in their political news sections–or any sections at all–fully 24 hours after the news broke. Only CBS seems to be covering the story seriously after the original AP report broke just a little more than a day ago–they have it right at the top of their political section. Even on omnibus news sites like Yahoo News, the story is buried among the minor, small-type stories at the bottom of the Congressional news section within the Political section of their site–and even then, it is listed as “Senate Republican Staffer Put on Leave.” Three stories down from the news that some Representative held a news conference with the San Diego Chicken and will send baseball equipment to Iraq. (I would not even have heard of this news myself if I were not a daily visitor to Josh Marshall’s excellent Talking Points Memo site.)

“Liberal Media” my foot.

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