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The Full Force of Retribution

January 13th, 2004

When Ambassador Wilson dared go public and expose Bush for having lied to the American people, the Bush White House made it crystal clear that this kind of truthtelling would be met with harsh retribution; they accomplished this by deliberately blowing his wife’s cover as a CIA agent, endangering her life and the lives of those she had recruited or was managing. When this blatant, treasonous felony was committed, the White House did nothing, until more than two months later when the “liberal” media finally picked it up. And even then, the investigation was taken over by the most biased and compromised person possible, John Ashcroft, who could hardly have had more personal interest in investigating Karl Rove, who got Ashcroft his job. It took a few more months before they finally, at long last, took on the barest appearance of propriety and assigned a nominally independent investigator (Republican, of course) to the Plame affair–and it still appears today that it is all being whitewashed and buried.

So it should be no surprise that the Bush White House took every immediate measure to use an official investigation to smite former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill for having the similar temerity to speak the truth about his former boss–and in the process, naturally, making him look bad. Apparently, one of the 19,000 documents released with the new book, The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House and the Education of Paul O’Neill, had a “secret” stamp on it. Forget the fact that the document in question was not secret (it was a cover document for the actual secret docs, which were not revealed), and don’t mind the fact that all documents released by O’Neill were cleared by Bush’s own people. A paper stamped “secret” was released by this guy! There’s a blatantly false pretense for investigating the guy! Did Bush wait two months to investigate O’Neill? Hell, no, it took him just one day. Then there is the added benefit of (a) making O’Neill look somehow dishonest, and (b) controlling the news cycle and taking people’s attention away from Bush’s incompetence and corruption.

Two to four months to get a whitewashed investigation going into a serious, major felony (of Karl Rove and other Bush staff), but one day to investigate a fully bogus and trumped up charge.

The message is clear: tell the unflattering truth about this president, and we destroy you, even if we have to break the law and abuse the system to do so.

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